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Why advertise online and why choose sport?

If you are looking to get your advert noticed, “matching” online and sport is a sure “winner”. While we would be foolish to let you believe that everyone in Kerry loves their sport, it would be true to say that most Kerry people spend more time talking about sport than many other single topic. From the world of GAA to Golf, from Racing to Rugby, from Local to International, from upcoming to veteran, we all love a good story and we all love the Kerry angle. endeavours to bring you a blanket coverage of all things sports in the county and Kerry related and through the clever linking of stories through social media we can bring that story to not alone Kerry people throughout the county but also the worldwide diaspora of Kerry people and before you know it that’s a lot of people.

Less than a thousand people watched the Kerry Junior Footballer secure their 5 in row All Ireland titles but 6,543people viewed the news online by us within an hour of the win. Many more shared it on various social media platforms.

Now we are also not foolish enough to lead you astray and say everyone that sees your advert will drop everything to call in or make a purchase.

What we can promise is widespread coverage of your business and a clever way of tracking the numbers that we can say with great certainty who looks at your advert. We can aim your business/product or event at those you need to get to and all this while people take time to catch up on the latest sports story.

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Business Advertising

Get to the starting line

You will never win anything unless you get to the starting line first.

Promote your Brand, Your Business, Your Event or Your Service

Get noticed and do not spend a fortune doing so. Like any local sports club your business budget is crucial to you and getting the best value is important for you.

We cannot all be like premiership managers and spend big in the hope we get a return but in fact you can spend cleverly and see a return and we think you will be a little shocked at just how affordable you can do so.

So unlike others we are happy to print our prices and let and see customers, we don’t cut side deals, offer discounts or try and bargain you down (or up) just like the products or services that you provide, everything has a fair price and we can certainly stand over the value.

Take a look and get in touch if you want to give us a go

Weekly Banner / Weekly Side Advert                                     €50/€35

Monthly Banner / Monthly Side Advert                                 €180/€120

Yearly Banner/Yearly  Side Advert                                           €1400/€800

All exclusive of Vat @23%

Free Services for Sporting Clubs

Struggling to get your space in the local print media. Do you always send in a match report only to see it get edited down to a headline and a photograph?, Did the special news of a club member reaching a final not get a look in and are you tired of people saying to you at meetings why are we not getting coverage of our events?. (Especially when you are working harder than anyone trying to get coverage)

Well these are some of the reasons why kerrysportshub was created in the first place. There are over 1,000 different clubs all over Kerry and while the vast majority are GAA, they are not all exclusively with many sporting events taking place each weekend without any real coverage.

In fact each weekend hundreds of people (both young and old and some happy to class themselves as veteran even) who are competing at national events throughout the country and sometimes even beyond struggle to be noticed.

It can lead to disappointments and at times even disillusionment and a real struggle for them to get sponsorship especially when they fail to get some decent coverage.

So Kerrysportshub are offering clubs all year round blanket coverage for their PRO to send their news to us and we will feed that back out through social media to further enhance the coverage. We can link, like, share and spread the news to the widest possible community and the days of seeing your long reports (hours of hard work at times) go nowhere apart from your sent box, will come to an end.

Sending in your news can be done on a weekly or daily basis (if you are feeling Olympic) and it is only a simple email along with a few photographs to enhance your news.

Sounds simple? Well it is simple and we promise that we will work as hard as any team player for you to get you more coverage. In fact, we would love the challenge of it.

We promise that with our service we can complement your Facebook and twitter account. We can get your news (and only yours)

Free Services for Schools

One of the biggest providers of sports is in fact the educational sector from primary to 3rd level there are a varied amount of sports all cultivating some of the youngest and best talent in the county.

However, you are unlikely to hear or see a lot of it as they struggle to get coverage of their events.

Kerry Sports Hub provide a FREE service to all primary, secondary and third level colleges within Kerry to get their sports news out and out just as fast as you can supply it.

So if it’s a sports day, the first round of the basketball championship, the local fresher’s blitz or maybe you have a student who is heading to a national final. Don’t keep it to yourself let us know and we will let Kerry know and all for free.

So why wait get in contact:

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